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Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge


EPOC Membership 


Maximiliam Ge


Maximilian Ge - President

Maximilian connects tech and entrepreneurship groups across the Cambridge entrepreneurial ecosystem. He worked at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Cambridge Judge Business School, Department of Computer Science and Technology (Computer Laboratory), Engineering Department and Institute for Manufacturing. He has a background in maths and computer science, and is doing research on business models of high-tech and biotech startups. He previously worked on tech startups in the UK and Germany (Techstars). He is a co-organiser of Silicon Valley Comes to the UK, Trustee and Chair of Hack Cambridge Foundation, adviser of WEF Global Shapers Cambridge Hub and was President and Chairman of CUTEC – Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club and CUE – Cambridge University Entrepreneurs. Maximilian has been a member of EPOC since it was founded in 2015 and is responsible for expanding and building the Society’s profile and network.


Dr Ashutosh Trehan - Chairman

Ashutosh is a postdoctoral researcher at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge. His work focuses on understanding how a subset of immune cells, known as dendritic cells, detects cancer cells in the body and how this knowledge can be utilised for improving cancer immunotherapies. Prior to his postdoctoral work, Ashutosh completed his PhD from University of Turku, Finland, where he developed new methodologies for single-step mutagenesis and for analysing cyclic AMP (cAMP) kinetics. 
He has been with EPOC since 2017, where he has previously headed the training of postdocs in business skills and had organised courses in accounting and finance. He now oversees different initiatives and events organised by EPOC and provides direction for creating entrepreneurial awareness among postdocs in Cambridge.

Tom Simmons

Dr Tom Simmons - Advisory Chairman

Tom is an RSE Enterprise Fellow in the Biochemistry Department in Cambridge and a GFC Fellow in Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum. His research is focused on enzymes for biofuel production, as part of a pan-European industrial-academic collaboration, during which he has published papers in top-tier journals including Nature Chemical Biology and Nature Communications. Tom is co-author of an enzyme patent and has appeared as a scientific expert on Sky News and Channel 4 television. He is passionate about using scientific advances and expertise to make a difference in the world.





 Katharina Lauer

Dr Katharina Lauer - Head of Training 

Kathi is a virologist/immunologist with a strong interest in data driven applications in global health. She currently moved from a wet-lab position at the University of Cambridge to run the industry programme of ELIXIR, an inter-governmental institution with the aim to coordinate bioinfomatics resources and enable open innovation by researchers in industry and academia. Kathi is also part of a collaborative research project looking into the different ways companies generate value from openly available bio-data.
At EPOC, Kathi is responsible for organising training to support an innovation mindset in postdoctoral researchers, encourage entrepreneurial activities, and help them develop entrepreneurial skills. She further acts as a liaison to the P2i network and gives strategic advice on the development of business courses for postdocs to partner organisations.


Dr. Rebecca Kinsley- Head of Finance

Since obtaining her PhD, studying animal influenza viruses, Rebecca worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Westminster and then joined Professor Jonathan Heeney’s research group, the Laboratory of Viral Zoonotics (LVZ), at the University of Cambridge where she now manages various vaccine development projects. Rebecca is responsible for managing all financial aspects of the projects and has previous financial experience from her role as Treasurer for a sports society, at the University of Nottingham during her undergraduate degree. Today, as well as her academic-related post, Rebecca works closely with DIOSynVax Ltd. a University of Cambridge spin-out company where she fulfils the role of Company Secretary and also has responsibility for preparing operational and project budgets.


Dr Przemyslaw Aleksander Stempor - Engagement Manager (Consulting scheme)

Przemyslaw grew up in Katowice in south-western Poland. During his engineering studies he participated in the Erasmus exchange at Technical University of Denmark and worked for Dalicon BV - a bioinformatics start-up in the Netherlands. After graduating in Biotechnology at Silesian
University of Technology he started a double master’s degree with Canfield University in Biotechnology and Applied Bioinformatics. During last semester Przemek joined GalxoSmithKlein in Stevenage to conduct a research for his mater thesis "The role of microRNAs in Inflammation”. Than he joined professor’s Julie Ahringer laboratory in The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge as Bioinformatics Research Associate. During more than 8 years of research experience Przemek successfully defended his PhD thesis “Relationships between chromatin features and genome regulation”, co-authored multiple high impact publication and attended multiple business and entrepreneurship events and courses including Ignite programme and two Venture Creation Weekends at Cambridge Judge Business School. Przemek loves mountains – hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter, and scuba diving – he is certified Advanced Open Water Diver.


Claudio Dagostin


Dr Claudio Dagostin -  Advisory Consultant

Born in Rome, Italy, Claudio Dagostin got his PhD in Chemistry (Mechanisms of Organic Reactions) from the University «La Sapienza» in 2000. After a short, but inspiring experience at GSK in Stevenage in 2001, he went for a post-doc at Imperial College London where he worked on Alzheimer's disease chemical probes. In 2004, he started working in several companies in the Cambridge biotech cluster (i.e. Domainex and Astex Pharmaceuticals) where he deepened his knowledge in Medicinal Chemistry and in Fragment Based Drug Design. In 2012 he went back to academia at Cambridge University where he investigated challenging drug targets such as protein-protein interactions. He is currently working at Abzena plc, a life sciences specialised CRO as business development associate. He is a happy father of two children: Romeo (14) and Ariane (11).

Claudio co-founded EPOC in 2015 to support postdocs in their pursuit of entrepreneurial careers. Following his role as the Society's Networking and Communication leader, Claudio now acts as an advisor to the Committee on various subjects.


Neil Rzechorzek


Dr Neil Rzechorzek - Advisory Chairperson

Neil joined the Department of Biochemistry (Cambridge) as a Postdoc in 2008, following a PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics at the Institute of Cancer Research (University of London). His research uses structural and biophysical methods to investigate metazoan DNA repair and replication mechanisms.

Outside the lab, Neil has a keen interest in the translation of ideas between the academic and private sectors. During his first year in Cambridge he was appointed as a Business Fellow for the London Technology Network, with the remit of fostering new collaborations between the University and SMEs. He subsequently spent two years as a member of CUTEC (Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club), acting as Director of Development in 2012. In recent years he has undertaken a range of consultancy work for companies operating in the biotechnology / life sciences sectors.

Neil co-founded EPOC in 2015 to support postdocs in their pursuit of entrepreneurial careers. Following his role as the Society's inaugural President, Neil now provides strategic guidance to the Committee as it seeks to expand on EPOC's range of events and initiatives.



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