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Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge


Cambridge is world-renowned for its research, but it also houses one of the world’s most productive entrepreneurial ecosystems. The University’s large cohort of research staff is the backbone of its research prowess, but today its 4,000 postdoctoral researchers are bolstered by a further 10,000 in the wider city region. The ecosystem’s success is a direct product of the technical expertise of this community. And looking forward, nurturing a productive and entrepreneurial research community will play a key role in cementing the region’s place as a world-leader.


EPOC was formed in 2015 in a concerted effort to maximise the entrepreneurial and business potential of Cambridge’s world-leading researchers. We are an outward looking organisation, representing the interests of the research community within the ecosystem and promoting the region’s research excellence to the broader corporate world. Internally, we develop and deliver initiatives to support Cambridge researchers in their pursuit of business and entrepreneurial ventures, and to awaken them to the multitude of opportunities around them.


Our committee, our advisory board and a selection of the initiatives and events through which we drive this agenda are described on this site.